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course contents:Articulate Studio Pro '09


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Course Contents 


Using Articulate Presenter & Quizmaker

Basics of articulate

Design best practices for PowerPoint

A topical approach to course design

Presenter notes and animations


Best practices for recording narration

Recording slide narration

Synchronizing animation timings

AImporting audio

Using the audio editor

Adding annotations

Engage interactions

Best practices for engage interactions

Defining the 10 engage interaction types:process, labelled graphic, tab,circle diagram,timeline,mediatour,faq,pyramid,guidedimage, glossary, community interactions.

Choosing the right interaction

Quizmaker quizzes

Best practices for quizzes and learning games

Using the 3 types of learning games (choices, word quiz, sequence)

Creating effective quizmaker quizzes: (true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, fill in the blank, word bank, matching/sequence drag and drop, matching/sequence drop-down, numeric, hotspot)

Creating effective quizmaker survey questions (likert scale, pick one , pick many, which word, short answer, essay, ranking drag and drop, ranking drop-down, how many, explanation)

Customising feedback messages

Choosing the right question type

Scoring and reporting quiz results

Integration with articulate presenter

Publishing Quizmaker quizzes and surveys

Adding Flash media

Best practices for using Flash movies

Embedding Flash media

Setting display options

Using articulate video encoder

Inserting web objects & attachments

Best practices for using web objects

Embedding web objects

Display and size options

Best practices for using attachments

Using web links and file attachments

Slide properties

Changing slide titles

Understanding course levels

Hiding slides

Branching and locking slides

Slide view options

Selecting presenters

Selecting audio playlists

Slide navigation options

Setting the presentation options

Adding logos

Adding presenters

Adding playlists

Quality settings and preferences

Player templates

Layout options

Navigation options

Player controls

Text label options

Setting and editing color schemes

Browser settings

Publishing options

Publish for web delivery, LMS, Publish, CD, Online, Word & Podcast.

Advanced Quizmaker

Using the slide view as a free-form tool

Creating graphical questions & answers

Building a video quiz

Applying animations to your questions

Branching within a quiz

Designing a quiz template


Advanced PowerPoint tips and tricks

Custom animations

Working with graphics

Use hyperlinks to create a branching exercise

Develop a quiz without quizmaker

Simulate a roll-over animation

Using motion paths

Creating templates lab

Using multiple slide masters to create PowerPoint backgrounds

Customizing the Articulate player template to compliment PowerPoint designs

Pre-build your own branching scenarios

Flash and other animations

Inserting animations and interactions

Adding screen recordings

Using articulate video encoder

Understanding by design

Facets of understanding

Essential questions


Determining acceptable evidence

Linking objectives to questions

The parts of a question

Assessment lab

Learning plan

Reviewing the topical approach to course design

Creating engaging content


Creating engaging and effective learning activities

Building learning scenarios

Text and Narration

Scripting a narration

Animate to communicate


Thinking graphically

Design basics

Graphic design lab

Subject matter experts

Prioritizing subject matter

Developing story boards

Tracking issues



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USA : +1-703-445-4802

INDIA: +91-8143111555 ; +91-40-64643304 / 06

URL : www.ecorptrainings.com

Email : training@ecorptrainings.com



Training Coordinator.

UK :+44-203-468-0685

USA : +1-703-445-4802

INDIA: +91-8143111555 ; +91-40-64643304 / 06

URL : www.ecorptrainings.com

Email : training@ecorptrainings.com



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June 21, 2018 — 6:00 pm

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